Complete IT Infrastructure Management Solutions including High Availability and Disaster Recovery implementation, capacity planning, Internet security and data recovery services.

Training and Learning

Virus and Ransomware Removal and Decryption

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

IT Infrastructure Management

Cloud Services

Cyber Security

Robust IT Infrastructure checklist

Choice of Hardware and efficient Capacity Planning

Open Source Operating systems and applications to prevent vendor lock-ins.

Flexible future proof and cloud friendly.

Efficient Protection in place against malware, ransomware and viruses.

Efficient monitoring team in place to perform updates and monitor.

Is your IT cost going out of hand?

  • Using outdated technologies reduces your IT efficiency and increases the cost to maintain these legacy systems.
  • Using tested open source technologies helps you prevent vendor lock-ins and take advantage of the softwares used by Industry leaders.
  • Implementing a High Availability design is much cheaper than rebuilding after data loss.
  • A hybrid cloud can give you the best of both the cloud infrastucture as well as the on premise data center.


We had lost our data after a ransomware attack. Iseries portal built for us an automatic backup solution on proxmox and also showed us how we can recover our data in less than 5 minutes. We feel safer now knowing that our data is protected and can be recovered whenever necessary. The solution they built enables us to use the same hardware for multiple purposes as well and their customer service is excellent.

Khedr Auf

Adma Business solutions

Iseries Portal recovered all our data after a ransomware attack and got us back in business swiftly. I would highly
recommend them.


Majed Rudainy

Al Hobani Customs Clearance