Optimize your datacenter by virtualizing your hardware and reducing your energy footprint.
Often, the computer hardware that you are using is under utilized. A server for finance, yet another server for your stores and then another web server.
This old traditional datacenter design increases the costs of energy, backups and maintenance.
But you can “virtualize” your existing servers and consolidate them on one physical hardware.
Virtualizing the servers in this manner also makes it easier for you to move to the cloud infrastructure.
Though there is no “one size fits all” approach when consolidating your datacenter. What it definitely does is the following…
  1. Reduce energy costs.
  2. Makes backup and recovery easier for all your virtual machines.
  3. Makes it easy to transfer your virtual machines to other hosts.
  4. Easy to scale out or scale up as the machines start demanding more resources.
  5. Easier to move to the cloud if you want to distribute workloads.
  6. Easier to implement high availability for your critical applications.