Private Cloud – Like Dropbox and Google Drive?

Yes, you read that right. You can have a private cloud right in your premises on your own local storage using internal disks, adding an FTP/SFTP connection to one of your file share servers, even use SMB to connect to one of your windows servers and it has sync ability with clients available for IOS and Android plus desktop integration on Mac, Windows and Linux.

You can even extend this integration to Amazon, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Sweet right, and the best part is that it is built completely on open source and free for you to implement.

Nextcloud offers true opensource flexibility and functionality for all kinds of deployments like deploying at home to sync all your personal data from your mobiles and desktops with the data residing in your own premises. This is easily achievable using Nextcloud’s IOS and Android apps.

Its also very robust for small and medium sized business solutions and is extremely scalable for large organizations as well.

Plus for the security conscious, it offers true client side encryption and not the javascript one which is used by many cloud vendors and has risks that were discovered by the nccgroup of experts.

Check the comparison of nextcloud to the other software vendors to understand the functions that it offers.

If you have not tried it yet, you should head to the nextcloud download page and try it out. It is of course, free to download, use and distribute….