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Frequently Asked Questions

is IBMi a legacy system?

IBM i operating system enables the IBM Power platform to support a wide variety of business applications, and can co-exist alongside IBM AIX and Enterprise Linux

IBM i offers an upgrade path so that application software written for previous operating systems on IBM syestem I can be migrated to current supported hardware without needing to be modified or recompiled.

Is open source secure ?

Open source is not automatically more secure than closed source. The difference is with open source code you can verify for yourself (or pay someone to verify for you) whether the code is secure. With closed source programs you need to take it on faith that a piece of code works properly, open source allows the code to be tested and verified to work properly.

Open source also allows anyone to fix broken code, while closed source can only be fixed by the vendor.

Over time this means open source projects (like the Linux kernel) tend to become more secure people more people are testing and fixing the

The future of IBMi

from midsize distributors and manufacturers to retailers and banks. Some of the biggest companies in the world, like Honda and Toyota, are IBM i users. You can also find IBM i servers in government institutions, from small county assessors in Texas to the United States Air Force. It’s used by some of the biggest names in media (Walt Disney Co.) to some of the most well-known sports teams (Chicago Cubs). The website All400s publishes a spreadsheet that contains the names of tens of thousands of known IBM i, i5, iSeries, and AS/400 users around the world. SEA Software is one of many IBM i vendors who sponsor this site. Check it out if you’d like more information about who is part of the IBM i community.

The IBM i Roadmap document also commits to releasing the next release of IBM i – dubbed “IBM i Next” – in early 2022 and supporting it through 2030. The following release, “IBM i Next +1,” is currently slated to ship in early 2025 and be supported well past 2032. IBM is essentially promising customers that applications running on IBM i today will continue to run on future releases of the operating system for well over a decade. This should allow CIOs to sleep well at night.

Which companies are using open source
  • More than half of respondents (53 percent) across all industries say their organization has an open source software program or has plans to establish one.
  • Large companies are about twice as likely to run an open source program than smaller companies (63 percent vs. 37 percent.)
  • Based on the 49 respondents that self-identified as working at a company on the Forbes Global 2000 list, we expect that the number of large companies with open source programs will triple by 2020.
Compatible ERP systems running on IBMi

SAP, ERP JD Edwards, Infor ERP are some of the most prominent ERPs that work better on the IBMi

Ransomware decryption tool

Every ransomware is different and there could be various ways to decrypt. Check nomoreransom.org to see if a tool is available to decrypt the ransomware affecting you or you can get in touch with us for advice using the chat on the right hand side.

How is Ransomware recovery done ?

Ransomware encrypts your files rendering them unusable. We attempt to decrypt the key if possible or try alternate methods. Since every ransomware words differentl, reach out to us for your specific use case and we will try our best to assist.

How is IBMi training different with Iseries Portal

Our trainers are Ex IBM employees with plenty of on-the-job experience deaing with IBM clients. So you get to grasp an understand ing of real life scenarios with examples.