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We’ll help you build and maintain a stable, secure IT environment, while continually updating and reviewing it to guarantee you the latest technology with reduced cost.

So you can focus on what matters most – Scaling your core business.

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IseriesPortal was founded in 2011, by former IBM employees with one goal in mind – To help business reduce costs while accessing better technologies that suits their needs. We have almost a decade of experience assisting IBM clients worldwide, across numerous industries.

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When we were sent for training programs in the past, we noticed that most trainers lacked real, on-the-job experience. That’s what drove us to create a better solution.

Instead of relying on scripted PowerPoint methodologies, our subject matter experts trult transform our clients knowledge through real world experience, insights, and wisdom.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tech wiz or can’t even reboot your system, we are here to help everyone!

Everything we do is rooted in integrity, quality, honesty and trust. Going the extra mile is our forte, and superior customer service is our promise to you.

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