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What We Do


Get trained by certified experts and from people who have handled actual jobs.

Virus and Ransomware Removal and Decryption

Remove viruses and ransomwares. Decrypt and recover your files after a ransomware or cryptolocker attack.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Recover critical data and create
fail-safe backups. Even better, implement a High Availability solution in addition as well.

IT Infrastructure Management

Think you need a new server? Maybe you don’t! We’ll evaluate your business model and ensure a future-ready infrastructure.

Cloud Services

Discover how we can help you to reduce cost, increase uptimes, and improve performance with a Hybrid cloud solution making the best of both your datacenter and the cloud.

Cyber Security

Upgrade your protection against
Spyware, Ransomware, Viruses,
Trojans and Hackers.

Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

We partner with Industry leaders and bring decades of experience to manage and secure your IT Infrastructure.

Open source IT solutions are far more secure and are implemented by industry leaders to optimize their efficiency.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

We analyze your IT infrastructure  and unearth areas for improvements. Our detailed reports would help you in making better and well informed decisions for your IT  investments. Shiny new hardware and software is not always the solution. We believe in maximizing investments in IT while taking advantage of the latest available technology that improves performance and speed while keeping costs low.

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Optimized IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. From Implementation to Training with effective monitoring and knowledgeable and helpful support staff. With us you have all essentials of a robust and resilient IT environment.